Once is all that it takes


I was swinging on one of those moods where I feel obliged to walk through my memory lane and revisit all the fic authors I use to (still do) idolize, only to come across the fact that two of my favorite authors have completely stopped publishing stories. Now, I would not say that they have stopped writing completely because I do not know them to an extent where I can justify this. But from all the announcements and their reasons behind their drastic decisions, I do not blame them. Although I am extremely depressed over this but, they do have the right to do what they do.

And I'm just so annoyed at some people at this point.

It just goes to show that a repeated small act of disrespect can cost the world a tremendous talent - two in my case. Two of my most favorite authors had left the fandom over the same reason. What I'm about to say is probably going to get lost in the abyss of oblivion, but I just had to let this out at some point.

Do not repost any artworks that are not yours.

I swear to God please just don't do it. If you love it enough to claim that you do then you should prove it by not disrespecting the owner who made it. Losing two of the authors I've been looking up to is just... ugh. I don't have that proper amount of vocabulary to insert any suitable adjective to express this.

Its bad enough we lost two.

Don't make me lose any more.

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